vR sofTWare
for cleansing
the soul

the operating system
of existential beings


ZonXR - VR software for cleansing the soul, the operating system of existential beings

Daily, 300 million people suffer from depression, anxiety, acute emotional pain. We could even say that to some extent, suffering has begun to be perceived as part of life. Unfortunately, this approach is just a waiver of the human potential that lies within us and is looking forward to coming to the surface. It affects us not only mentally but also physically, by releasing chemical messengers that stimulate the hormonal centers, triggering diseases and physical problems over time. Such emotional distress sends signals to genes that will begin to produce weak proteins, destroying the body.

Negative thoughts, pain, fear or anxiety are just simple files stored in the soul that we can easily delete.

The soul is made up of emotional drawers and houses events, people, memories, decisions. Among these important information that help us define ourselves and function optimally are hidden corrupt files, those decisions, information, emotions, remorse or failures that happened at one time, had their purpose and now no longer have use for us.

And yet, who are we and what are emotions?

Emotions describe conditions that have an almost contrasting dose of immaterialization. When we are in love, we feel things we do not see or cannot explain. It is an energy that absorbs the being and it defines it for a few milliseconds when perception can shift 180 degrees. Likewise, when we are angry, we feel a warmth that makes us burn inside, without actually burning a fuel or a substance. So then how can we feel fire if fire does not exist, we do not see it, we cannot touch it?

All this comes from the soul, which in turn has received information from the spirit and which in turn feeds on information from the Darkness Creator of the Universe.

Spirit, Soul, Body

Starting at the macro level, we can say that we are born of the Universal darkness, but before we reach the body we need to define the higher instances that define us, namely, the spirit and the soul. We can say it is a descent. Out of the darkness comes the spirit that transmits certain data to the soul, which in turn guides the body to certain existential teachings for evolutionary purposes. The Spirit is closest to the Universe and the Darkness of Creation. It is the source of pure information, the messenger which transmits information to the soul, data whose purpose is to achieve perfection through the experiments of the body. The soul is the one that makes the connection between Spirit and Body. It transmits information from the Spirit to the Body, its purpose being to create a credible reality for the mind. It is made up of the multitude of thoughts, emotions, and decisions that we feel and experience. The body, on the other hand, is the one that materializes the indications received from the soul. It is just an inert shell and without the tasks received from higher entities, it would have no existential relevance. The soul and the spirit have no way to experience and learn, to reach perfection through evolution because they are immaterial energies that cannot touch, feel, interpret. So the body is responsible for all this.

Starting from the Spirit and the Soul as information-bearing entities in the Creator Darkness of the Universe, we can say that the place of our birth is darkness.

The mother's womb is a kind of darkness favorable to human creation. Moreover, the entire Universe was created from the extreme combination of darkness, because the darkness represented by dark matter creates light by compression. Why do we know so little about antimatter, dark matter, the space between atoms and galaxies? About the unknown in the Universe? Maybe because we have not yet reached the necessary level of understanding of this huge component that surrounds us?

When we close our eyes, we first see the darkness within us. Then we step into dreaming, dreaming from which ideas, emotions, beliefs are born. Darkness.

questions that will reveal your mind layer by layer

Dark matter is the path to the transition to something else, a place where all information already exists. If you know how to go there, if you know how to manage it as energy, mode of transport, form of understanding, raw material of Creation, then you will be able to upgrade to the next step of human evolution. But for that, we will need an operating system that works directly on the soul and that allows a massive cleansing of the soul hard disk.

But what if all the existential answers are in this kind of dark matter that, perhaps, it would be time to assume as a reinterpretation?

If imagination is in fact the vehicle that defines the physical impossibility and makes possible teleportation, time travel, parallel worlds, everything?

If the imagination we trivialize and look at with childlike naivety is actually the spaceship that will help us discover the other humanities?

Why can we teleport in the narrative thread of a book we read or in another time we lived using a simple memory?

Where does consciousness go when we sleep?

Where does our mind go when we are absorbed in thoughts or are in flow?

If our thought is the fuel for telepathy, the transmission of information from one Universe to another?

What if one day we manage to travel to other Universes and bring the information from there to our Universe?

ZonXR and soul cleansing Meditation

ZonXR is a software for accelerating the cleansing of the soul from the information load that creates noise and emotional anxiety. It is an instrument of meditation assisted by an immersive narrative. Created around VR technology, it helps you to operate on an open mind, to realign your perception of the world, to clarify your past experiences, thus managing to ward off anxiety, nervousness and any emotional disturbance, so that you are no longer full of ambiguity, and its place should be taken over by the right space for new experiences and positive feelings, as well as a healthier body. And everything in a 10-15 minute session.

How does ZonXR work

ZonXR is based on the security generated by the archaic elements that invite in the creative darkness of the Universe, close to the spirit and, above all, to the soul. With the help of a visual journey of initiation, you will have the opportunity to connect with your soul at the highest level to which you have access as a human being. Your guiding spirit will carry you through the symbols of existence, through the healing energy of the spiritual essence and, above all, will put in your hands the instruments you need to destroy by the purifying power of fire absolutely any destructive element that is in you.


ZonXR is focused on visual concentration on well-defined elements. The story and the chosen steps are not accidental. The 5 scenes presented aim at understanding the concept of ZonXR in its depth and approaching the guiding essence of this metaphysical software called "cleansing the soul of the elements that do not define us":

1. The meeting with the guiding spirit aims to create a relationship of trust that will help you, the main character of the story, to get closer to the guiding spirit and to let yourself be led to the place where you will meet yourself.

2. The moment before the leap into the darkness, where the warm and guiding voice of the sage will warmly convey to you that you are ready to meet the Universe, to make the great leap into creation.

3. The crystal - the gateway to the soul is meant to prepare you for the journey of initiation and is defined by the 5-sided crystal and the roof in the shape of a pentagonal mirror in the clearing that you will see after the journey through the darkness. After the smooth landing, your senses will sharpen.

4. The amphitheater - the main place of operation on the soul is the place where you will see your soul in its fullness and you will have the opportunity to touch it, to operate it, to clean it. There you will also see the urn of the purifying fire, the living flame that will destroy the information you want to eliminate.

5. The corridors of the soul with dozens of rooms. The room of the future, the room of the past, the room of love, the room of the dead, each of these rooms are full of personal data that define you and complete your existence. Thus, every time you step into the amphitheater, you will be able to choose a directive to work on.

ZonXR can be used whenever you feel the need, and its applicability is unlimited. After the first session you will feel a relief, as if a stone rises from your shoulders and all that energetic exhaustion of the body loaded with negative elements from the environment and inside you will turn into development potential. You will find that you will be able to learn a foreign language more easily, that you will have a greater power of concentration, that things that until now seemed complicated have suddenly become easy to accomplish.

the team

Gabriel Iuga

founder and creator of the ZonXR narrative cultural concept (the expert in dark matter)

Alina Glodean

responsible for the financial and accounting component, patent filing, project filing and management for EU funding, relationship management with Universities.

Dania Alexa

(Abracadabra) - art director and responsible for graphic design materials

Vlad drAgoș

(3DPixelated) - responsible for VR project management

Carolina Cristea

(Abracadabra) - copywriter and responsible for the content generated by ZonXR

Dragoș Alexa

(Abracadabra) - responsible for brand strategy and management of marketing activities


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